"My target costumer is edgy and risky with an appreciation for fine arts, culture, and history. When people see my clothes I want them to imagine a suit with an urban architectural feel, or a dress that could give a history lesson on its own. Anything that is under Aceani Michelle has to tell a story. Almost as if you are reading a book attached to someone’s body. I want my collection to represent who I am as a person and what I love. Art, history, culture, and architecture." 

 I had a lot of fun creatively with my fall/winter 2014 collection, but I realized that I did not fully express who I am, or the woman I want to attract as a designer. When drafting ideas for this collection, I came across this statement I made in an interview for Dayton's Most Metro. I then realized that I needed something that spoke to me personally. 

Aceani Michelle fall/winter 2015 is based on a woman with edge, class, and a mind of her own. Business oriented, and unafraid of taking risk. She can effortlessly translate one outfit from uptown, to downtown, then back again. This a woman who has an appreciation for art, history, architecture, and culture. 

xo, Aceani Michelle

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