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 Aceani Michelle

Aceani Michelle is a self-taught designer learning to perfect her craft through The Fashion School at Kent State University. Her target customer is edgy, and risky with an appreciation for fine arts, culture, and history.

 "I want my brand to represent who I am as a person and what I love. Art, history, culture, and architecture."

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avery said...

Hey. I'm Avery, 17. I've always been into fashion designing since small but my school system doesn't teach us how to sew. I have no idea how to draw a proper fashion illustration and how to hold a needle. Tuition fee for design school is exoensive too. How do you started out fashion design and how do I make an illustration?

Aceani Michelle said...

Hi Avery! I started out just playing around and watching YouTube videos on how to make different things. That really helped me a lot. Once I was able to sew simple pieces, I began to challenge myself more and that led to a collection for me. There are also videos on YouTube about fashion illustration and those helped me. I would say just continue to be in love with fashion because it can get frustrating and if you loose that passion, going forward will become more difficult.

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