Not your average Mondayer

Everyone hates Mondays, but i'm not your average Mondayer. Why do I always have to be the outsider? I guess with this being my senior year, i'm just ready to get everything done and over with one Monday at a time. 

My  Monday consisted of school work, two classes, lunch at "All 8 up", more school, one more class, and a few pictures. I didn't do much at home either. After school grilled cheese, some English and art homework, played with my dog, and of course a little blog updating. To make my day a little more fun and out of the ordinary, I filmed my first Youtube video! I wasn't sure what I wanted to do so I took the easy way vlog. I walked around all day with my camera in hand, friends near by and teachers who love me enough to allow me to film them.

Yeah, you could say I like Mondays... how about you?

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xo, Aceani Michelle

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