Back to School: Campus Lookbook

Back To School: Campus Lookbook

Chill for Monday 
Monday is that day that most people absolutely hate. It's the beginning of the week, you have classes, you're probably still recovering from the weekend madness, and you realize that you have four days until the weekend comes back around. Monday is also my busiest day so comfort is a key factor for me. This look is perfect for a chill Monday, on-the-go day or any day that you don't feel like getting dressed, but don't want to completely bum it. 

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Yeezus Tour tee is unavailable | Pants | Flannel | Shoes | Backpack

Monday is pretty slow for everyone, but Tuesday could go either way. It's a hit or miss kind of day. Since I only have one class on Tuesday, comfort is no longer a factor and the overall look is everything. Honestly these are my most uncomfortable shorts, but the exposed pockets add a little something to this fit. Hit or miss?

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Wednesday is Simple
Wednesday is a simple day. It's the middle of the week and there's usually not much going on. I love waking up and getting dressed everyday, but since i'm back to four classes on Wednesday I like to keep things simple. Minimalism is the name of the game.

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Tank | Midi Skirt | GLOW x Topshop shoes unavailable | Sunglasses

Thursday's Tux
The day before Friday. What more can I say?

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It's Friday!
Maybe there's a party? Maybe just a chill day with friends? Either way this look is perfect for a Friday. Its simple and easy, yet versatile. Accessorize freely with a necklace, heels, or whatever you choose to change the look according to your Friday plans.

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Saturday Date Night?
If Friday is for friends, could Saturday be for someone special? I though it would only be right to balance this lookbook with at least one date night outfit. Of course this would not work with just any date, but a dinner off campus would be appropriate. 

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What's your favorite look? 
xo, Aceani Michelle